Motivation for Setting Intentions
Intentions 2.png

Do you ever get so overwhelmed that your goals get shelved for an indefinite amount of time and you just can't seem to take a crack at them again? Or you halfheartedly attempt to and it just doesn't pan out? Thinking about actually achieving my own goals with this little stationery business seems next to impossible, mind you I don't feel we've actually truly given it our all yet. This past year has been a very quiet one for us, business wise. We've been brainstorming tons and tons and tons throughout the entire year but haven't done anything big or new or even had much consistency. We've been questioning which direction we want our brand and product line to go and what our actual goals are. You see, last year we did some crazy, not thoroughly thought through things which wasted money and really made us freeze up and feel completely lost. It was one of those moments where you think you know what you want, but you just end up failing miserably. It's led to lots of questioning about which direction to go in and had us asking ourselves what our real goals are and what our true heartful intentions are. We've been trying to do some soul searching and some discovering of who we are as a business and what we value. With that, it has helped us with discovering who we are as individuals and what we value as such.

With all that being said, for anyone who cares or who is curious, we are still those red headed twins with a tiny paper goods company, trying to figure out what the heck we're doing and where we're going. I think we've finally figured it out, so I invite you to stay tuned and join us on what I believe will be, hopefully, an amazing journey of a year. We've got some new paper goods designs and an overflowing bucket of really cool new ideas that we're trying to bring to life. We also plan to attend as many craft fairs that we can get accepted to and travel to in this coming new year. We really just want to make this thing something that we can share and use to communicate to others, you all, reading this or not, that we believe in ourselves and we believe in you, and I really think and feel like we can all make it. That we can all grow and strive and make it somewhere where we can each say I set some solid intentions, some goals, and I went for them, and I like where I am now. That's where I want to be. That's where I want you to be.

I guess that this is just me setting some intentions and putting out into the universe that I'm ready to take some risks and back up our work. To me, having regrets for not trying my best are much stronger than my fear of what will or won't happen.

So, I hope that in spite of feeling afraid of judgement, failing, or wasting time, that you'll put your work out there. I hope that you go for that one thing that you keep thinking about. Just go for it. Just do it. It's all a part of growing and a part of becoming your true self, and your work may even help someone in some way. I think it will be worth the risk.