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Snail Mail DIY: Magical Envelope Liners

Alyssa AComment
Snail Mail DIY: Magical Envelope Liners

I love paper and snail mail! I'm always looking for ways to embellish my letters and envelopes to make them Look extra pretty. Today, I have created some fun envelope liners that you can add to your snail mail. Who doesn't love rainbows and gems? These liners are super cool and will add a magical flair to your envelopes. Lets get started!

What you'll need

  • A2 Envelopes(4.25"x5.75")

  • markers or paint

  • glue stick or double sided tape

  • scissors

  • envelope liner stencils (PDF files below)

Below, you'll find the files for the envelope liners.


3. take your glue stick or double sided tape and apply it to the back of your envelope liners. Carefully place your liner in an envelope, being sure that the end of the liner touches the bottom of the inside of the envelope.

Note: For the gemstone liner, once inserted into the envelope, gently fold down the flap to create a crease on the liner.


1. download the envelope liner template, print, and then cut them out.

2. color or paint the envelope designs. I used Sharpie markers but paint, colored pencil or any coloring medium would work well.

4. Now fill that super awesome, magical envelope with an awesome card and send it to your favorite person.

complete 1.jpg

Download the template Here:

Magical Envelope Liners Template