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Product Photography 101: Basic Tips to Get Started

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Product Photography 101: Basic Tips to Get Started
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As small business owners, we spend plenty of time photographing products and making sure we have the best photo that represents a particular product. When selling online, it is not only essential to have a fantastic representation of your products in image form, but they also have to be eye catching considering the amount of content on the internet and that humans are very visual creatures.

Armed with a camera of any kind, your photos can be amazing. Here at KaiLyn Co., we use a Nikon DSLR to take our snap shots, but we also use our camera phones in a pinch. Using a camera phone is acceptable as long as you get a good shot. Here are some tips that we find helpful for basic product photography using any sort of camera.


1. lighting

Stay away from the dark side unless you're into that drama, since shadows create a dramatic effect and all. So, here is a really amazing thing about product photography and why anyone can have great photos: guys, there is no need for formal studio lighting. one thing that we've learned through our own experiences with product photography is the clearer and brighter, the better. Windows are a most excellent source of light. To get more coverage of natural light From a window source, you can just use a reflector, which is this thingy here. Reflectors are great because you can position them or have a helper hold it in a way that will bounce the light just perfectly onto your set up. We have a reflector that we purchased on Amazon. They can be very cost effective. If you don't have access to a reflector or would rather not buy one, you can always create one out of Poster board. The main idea is to have a white surface to bounce the window light off of to create some nice, even lighting for your products.

2. composition is key

Here at KaiLyn Co., we often photograph flat objects. Greeting cards, patches, notebooks, all flat. It's common for us to pair various products together. One thing we are always on the look out for is a new way to compose our products. We don't want things to get stale, and Sometimes it can be challenging to find new, interesting ways to photograph flat objects. We often include other objects with our products to add dimension and interest. Here is a simple example of two different compositions of the same grouping of greeting cards. The left side is just a straight shot with the cards laid side by side. With the second shot, I moved them so that they're overlapping a little bit, making the image a little more interesting.

greeting cards
Greeting cards

3. Editing + Touch Ups

Post production can enhance your images to make them look even more amazing and pro. I use Adobe Photoshop for my photo editing, but i have also used photo editing apps such as vsco and autodesk pixlr. Adobe also has a photo editing app called Adobe photoshop express. All of these editing apps are great and will have the basic settings you'll need. Key settings you may want to experiment with include brightness, contrast, and saturation. Maybe the lighting in your image is not as bright as you would like. careful not to make it too bright or you'll lose some of the detail in your image. The contrast setting can make your products 'pop' more and stand out. Saturation can make the colors of your image appear brighter. Caution to not get too excessive with making the colors in your image more saturated. you could end up misrepresenting your products. Another useful tool includes cropping. Sometimes after you photograph an image, you see that an unwanted object has made its way into your image. If it's around the edge of the photograph, cropping it out of the image could be a great solution. Cropping is also great if you prefer a different shape for your image such as a square.

Selling products on the internet can be a huge asset for a small business. Having great photos of your products can help a ton with attracting new customers who haven't seen your products in person. Follow these basic tips and you'll have great product photos that look amazing and attract those customers.


Have any questions or tips of your own? Please feel free to share and leave a comment!