4 Fun Themes for Your Best Halloween
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Trick or treat!

Halloween is just around the corner. With that, we've rounded up some awesome ideas to fulfill your ultimate halloween. Four different themes, all filled with fun!


1. Apothecary

One may not often relate apothecary to Halloween, but there is something mystical about it. The use of minerals, herbs, and various materials lead to the discovery of a remedy for any particular ailment.  The apothecary profession dates as far back as 2600 BC. It is said to be a precursor to modern pharmacology. Celebrate Halloween this year with smokey drinks, delicious concoctions, and/or some mystical decor. Take a trip to New Orleans and visit the unique Pharmacy Museum where you could learn about voodoo potions, questionable medical practices of the past, and more. Sure to intrigue and delight!


2. Gothic

Moody, dark, mysterious. From architecture to film, we've got you covered for a gothic inspired Halloween celebration. Have a fancy candle lit dinner with a table dressed in black. Serve some blood colored sangria for a creepy touch and delight your guests with delicious, dark cupcakes. Need more decor? Get some candlesticks and then some more candlesticks. Also get inspired by some of the amazing gothic architecture from around the world. Spending the night in? Movies we suggest: Sweeney Todd or Edward Scissorhands.


3. Harry Potter

A kind of new classic theme for basically any holiday or regular day (including Halloween), Harry Potter is the beloved magical world created by J.K. Rowling. Get started by making some fun magical DIY decor. Recreate delicious recipes featured in the series such as Pumpkin Pasties. Brew some potions such as Felix Felicis for a truly magical delight. For the ultimate magical experience, visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios.

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4. Classic

A classic Halloween filled with lots of pumpkin carving and candy is always a good way to go. Celebrate and get your sugar fix with delicious recipes such as Peanut Butter Cheesecake and Candy Corn Milkshakes. Deck out your home interior with pumpkins and bat garland. Stay in to celebrate by baking some mini pumpkin pies, eating pizza, and watching some classic Halloween movies such as Hocus Pocus.