Hey guys! Alisa here.

Rejection is not a joyous thing to deal with in life, am I right? It can really make you feel like you are not enough or bring on feelings of regret from putting yourself out there, possibly even keeping you from trying again. 

Recently, our work was declined by a really awesome but selective craft fair. It hurt a little because I got my hopes up, and we worked hard on our application. My mind wandered toward the negative, with a thought or two of whether we're good enough. 

First of all, remember always that you are enough. Secondly, from my experience, rejection always brings on much better things afterwards. Never stop putting yourself and your work out there because there are many more opportunities waiting for you.


But, until that yes comes along, here are three things that help me feel better after being rejected. 

1. Make New Things

Starting something new can be rejuvenating. It doesn't even need to be something in your wheelhouse. I find that just starting something new is refreshing for the brain. Whether it's baking a cake (and then eating it), making a coffee table, writing poetry, or even starting a new work project, anything to get your mind moving passed the rejection and on to bigger and better ideas can help a load. 

2. Go To A Place of Inspiration

For me, that would be anywhere in nature such as walking on a trail or on a beach. Other great places of inspiration could be a museum, a coffee shop, cities, parks, or a fabric or craft store. Going to a place of inspiration gets your mind moving. It gets your creative gears ticking and could bring about new ideas. Having new ideas could lead the way to clearing your mind of the rejection and filling it with a new sense of motivation.

3. Meditate With A Mantra

Meditation is a very powerful tool. It calms the mind, and it could help you to clear out the negative vibes. I say meditate with a mantra especially after being rejected because repeating a phrase to yourself over and over while practicing meditation will lead you to know and believe that phrase. Even without the calming of meditation, having a mantra, a positive phrase, will help to combat any negative thoughts that you may have after being rejected. So, go ahead and say to yourself, "I am enough," "I love my work," "better things ahead," "good things are gonna happen," "I won't quit." Those are just a few, but your's can be whatever motivates you and brings on the positive vibes.

So tell me, how do you deal with rejection? Wallow a little and eat some ice cream? I know that was my first instinct.