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Monday Favorites

Alyssa AComment

Summer is quickly approaching, and we are craving a road trip to the beach! Here are some ocean inspired favorites that we've found.

  1. Spray this throughout your house for some minty, misty California Coast vibes.

  2. This lovely shop in Cocoa, Florida is a must visit for all you mermaids out there.

  3. In need of vitamin sea? Us too, which is why we're digging this crop sweatshirt.

  4. California dreamin' of vacationing in this place

  5. You'll need this so that you could lounge on the beach while soaking up some sun rays (don't forget the SPF!)

  6. You'll want one of these to cruise in style while...

  7. go here to see the longest stretch of underdeveloped barrier island in the world and a beautiful sunset.