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How to Easily Organize Your Weekly Goals to Ensure that You Reach Them

Alyssa AComment

I don't know about you guys, but I'm terrible when it comes to organization and staying on task. I am a serial procrastinator. So, if I ever want to complete tasks, I absolutely have to implement organizational tools. I find that creating a schedule with my list of things to do helps me complete things in an efficient manner.

For Snow Flower Paper Co., we are constantly trying to improve our organizational skills and tactics. As a small business, organization is extremely important. Keeping good records as well as organizing your schedule will help you get further.

Today, I'm going to share a tool that helps us organize our main goals for the week and plan our daily tasks that will help us reach those goals.

The picture above is an example of our Goals and Tasks worksheet.

You can download your own right here:

Goals and Tasks Worksheet

Suggested use:

  1. Download and print the worksheet.

  2. Write down your most important goals for the week.

  3. Assign each goal a color.

  4. Break down your goals, and schedule all of those smaller tasks throughout the days of the week boxes while highlighting each task to it's coordinating goal.

I hope that you find some use for this worksheet!


Do you find it difficult to stay organized and/or stay on task? What are some things that you do to help with that?