When I hear about a business that I would love to check out or frequent, I always go straight to Google. Things that I anticipate seeing are a logo, a website (or a shop on Etsy or other venue for small businesses), and a branded identity. I am always thrilled when a business that I am eager to know more about (and buy from) has a decent web presence. I know some aspects cost money, time, and sometimes, technical skill, but I truly believe that having a web presence is a very important part of growing a business in this day and age. Here are three relatively simple things to have, that I feel are necessary, when creating and building a business.

1.) Logo: a basic building block of branding

Branding is a huge part of your business identity. What I think of as the central and most important aspect of a business identity is a logo. A logo is a major building block of branding. It gives your potential customers a feeling of what your business is all about at first glance. It is an essential part of creating a good impression. 

  • Important aspects of a logo to keep in mind:

    • adaptability (can your logo adapt easily to different mediums such as stationery, window display, website, packaging, etc.)

    • relevancy (is your logo something that will still look good in years time? Is it a timeless design rather than a fad?)

    • simplicity can be more (having a simple logo can help with both of the aspects above)

Here are a couple of examples of logos that are simple yet give a feeling of what the company is like at first glance. These logos were created by Alyssa, aka the other side of Monday Girls and Snow Flower Paper Co. You can check out some of her very lovely branding identities on the Design Services tab on the website. If you need some help with branding and branding identity or any design needs for your business, feel free to contact Alyssa at alyssa@snowflowerpaperco.com, and she will be happy to help!


2.) Website

A web presence is very important when building a small business now a days. With the ability to use search engines to find businesses as well as countless review websites, people always turn to the internet to find a business and to find out more about it. A website is an invaluable tool that is your world wide web representative. It showcases your business to a much wider audience than what you would reach without one. 

If you would prefer to start off smaller, especially if you are just beginning and are still trying to figure out your brand identity, I would suggest showcasing your products in an Etsy shop. Etsy is a very useful medium for small creative businesses that are just starting out and they also have a built-in community which includes many invaluable tools.

You can also contact Alyssa if you need some help with website design.

3.) Social Media

Social media is a great way to communicate your brand and the story behind your brand to potential customers or clients. It is also a great way to keep your base up to date on new products or offerings as well as a way to show a behind the scenes look at your process or the day to day activities that go into making your business what it is. People appreciate being able to see what goes into your business. Social media can also create opportunities that you would otherwise not have. For example, if you create a product that you would like to wholesale, social media can help potential buyers find your product.

Branding and the internet are two powerful tools when it comes to creating and running a small business. Don't forget, the internet opens up a much broader audience for your business and good branding will bring your business to a higher level of seriousness in terms of looking professional. So, I hope that you use these resources to your advantage in order to bring it to the next level!